Writing in Progress

Watch Here, As the Writer is developing   A short story for one of his books.

An Inside Story, about Police & Their Families

This writing is a part of a series of short stories written about Police and Investigations by a former Illinois State Trooper Charles Neuf #840

The stories are about the Police Officer and their families, yes families, most Officers have "Their families" and then they have two or three "Adopted families" connected directly with their "Other life" as "The Police Officer."

As a State Trooper I found you are a Police Officer 24 hours a day, with no days off. The questions that will be answered is the standard for police, Who, What, When, Where, and Why this person you know as a police officer lives in a different world than most

Is this person; Charlie the State Trooper, you know and see in church, school events for the kids, out on the ball field, real or are is he a "Jellky & Hyde" crazy running loose on the streets?

So, that is what these stories will be about, The Police Officer at home with their family, Then what their job requires of them personally, the people they meet daily, and how they must juggle the many hats & faces they must wear in their real lives.

Lets take a day in the life of Charlie's past life as a State Trooper. The day or night begins at home most of the time when Charlie isn't a hundred or so miles away on a special assignment like riot duty, flood duty, are some other disaster that hits a local area somewhere in the State.

It doesn't make any difference where he is the day starts it is the same. First you get yourself going then you check in with the family with five young people in you and your wife's care there is always one of them that is having a problem in their life that needs to be solved "Now." 

Naturally only "Dad" can solve it, Dad the family policeman must have an answer to what is happening in his families life Now, it is important.

After your siblings emergency then comes real life needs of the family, the house, car, money, family obligations, ball games, scout meetings, and other important events in your families life's.

With that out of the way now you can get down to your "real" job, taking care of other peoples problems that arise on your patrol. The Policeman has a second family those he given to help, protect, and care for in any medical emergency.

When Charlie first became a State Trooper he was the lone provider of emergency services for the life's of those living in rural communities in three counties covering an area of 50 X 50 miles square, that is over 25,000 square miles of land mass, if only one person lived in each Square Mile that would be 25,000 persons depending on help from one person.

What kind of help? Serious injuries of any kind, neighbor disputes, lost children or older adults, wild animal attacks, thefts, and attacks on their lives by someone, only to name a few.

Then were those the Trooper would become aquatinted with over a period of time that would be asking for help to solve family problems, business problems, personal problems in evolving the many things that come up in their life's.

When the days work is done 10 to 20 hours later it will be time to take care of the Trooper and his family problems, but it doesn't stop there, people phone you, come to your home, or stop you on the street with their needs, asking you to intervene or give advice.

But wait, the Policeman is not in his personal business, he works for someone who pays him for being who he is. So, what does that habe to do with what is happening?

The Trooper must answer to someone higher who sets the rules on how all these things must be done

Files coming soon.