There is Another World

Last night The Writer, writing under the name of the Time Traveler, watched a movie titled “Midnight in Paris.”

The writer, a Time Traveler himself, became fascinated by the movie theme of being a Time Traveler, going back in time in an effort to escape the real world, the lead character was in.

The writer, Time Traveler was amazed at how closely the theme of the movie followed the real life experiences of the 3rd, 4th, & 5th Dimensions in our everyday World.

Recently while writing a new book series on Time Travel & Dimensions, the Time Traveler & his Soulmate realized they were truly living in another Dimension from where we once were. Then it was all about the money, but something changed.

So, that is the reason both the Time Traveler & his Soulmate, would like to tell you what they realized about what happen in their lives.

As they were researching, over a period of years, they discussed the things being revealed to them, they were awaken & enlightened, about another World that was not all about the money.

The Time Traveler & his soulmate started making little changes in their lifestyle. What they thought about and how they viewed what was happening in the World around them. 

They stopped watching commercial television, started listening to 528 Hz music, taking control of time, living a simpler lifestyle, getting rid of stuff. This allowed them to spend more time together, and less with others. Their concept of life was changing. 

Then a few days ago the Time Traveler made a statement to his Soulmate, this surprised both of them. As you read this statement spoken out loud, think about what was spoken, what went into Ether (Space). The words were spoken without even thinking about what was being said.

“I Love everything in my life. I Love what I am doing,

I Love every person, where we live, what we do, how we live, I can actually feel Love. I have no hate about anything, everything is Love.”

Then they began to discuss the changes they had made in their lives, over the past years & months. That is when they realized what had happen in each of their lives. Now it was easy for them to see what had taken place. 

Charlie, & Linda, the Soulmates, were true Time Travelers. They would like to share with each of you, and the World, what those simple changes are and why they made them;

First, many of the changes in their lives were not recent, but something they returned too. They were recalled childhood “Beliefs,” they were taught, by their care givers, tutors, and teachers, at home, schools, and church’s.

Second, The Time Travelers realized how much of their time, in the first part of their lives were spent, focusing on making money, accumulating things, and being concerned about how things looked to others.

Then over a period of time their outlook changed.
Who cares what others think?
Why do we need this or that?
What others tell us on news, is it true?
Where do we want to live
How do we want to live, rich, poor, or just live?
Then they ask a question of themselves, how have we changed our lifestyle. Well, in the beginning not by choice, but then, No more;
New Cars!
Apple Cellphones
No more Houses to own and take care of
Less eating out, the food isn’t that good anyway
A vacation, who needs one, we are having fun Here/Now!
Why worry about money, we have everything we need”
Then most of all, the question, what do we want?
Did you ever think, in depth, what you really want in your life?
Well, The Time Travelers did! Fifty years by the Worlds standards, 

They wanted peace in their life’s, simplicity, a simple life style they did not have spent all their time making money or being concerned about making more money for things.

So, what brought about this big “Realization?” The realization was they had changed.

One could say in a way, Charlie & Linda became Time Travelers into their future, they had found a new world, called the 4th & 5th Dimensions.

The Time Travelers opted out of their old World, the one they did not like, called the 3rd Dimension, a World of Materialism, into a new world they had created, a different Dimension, a place where they were having fun all the time and loving it.

This is where the research for the series of books about “Dimensions” came into the picture. The Time Travelers found there were others thinking the same thoughts as they were. In fact the others had been on a search for this place for thousands of years, beginning with Noah building the Ark.

What it is all about, this Magical World of Dimensions, Thoughts, Ether, Karma, and Aura, Laws of the Universe & Nature, Dreams & Visions, and Spirit of Love.

The Time Travelers can say it is the World of Reality, Truth, and Love.

So Charlie & Linda, the Soulmates, became Time Travelers, traveling in to their world of the 4th & 5th Dimensions, together as Spirits of Love, and they hope all of you will be able to get there sometime in your life time.

If you are interested in finding out about this Magical World of love and Dimensions there is a free e-book Charlie has written, with details of how it all works;

Charlie The Time Traveler, Writer/Storyteller Email

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