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How the Private Investigator Thing Started

By Charles Neuf, The Investigator

A series of short stories written by the Investigator telling his story of a Private Detective in real life 

The writer is a retired State Trooper and a Private Detective with more than forty years of Investigation experience. 

The stories in the Jack MayBee, Private Detective Series are based on real case files of the writer as a Licensed Private Detective.  Story taken from book 23 Jack Maybee Short Stories

The Beginning

The story begins with “The Investigator” in his younger years and moves into the life of being a Private Detective and traveling throughout the Country, working cases as he can. Jack has a saying, “Money is made to spend.”

He ends up with a Detective Agency, he did not want, running a business was the last thing on his mind. Jack, wanted the freedom of moving about, getting involved in “Risky Adventures” and free of financial responsible.

Jack MayBee is involved in the intrigue in the everyday lives of the Rich, Poor, and Schemers. Jack can communicate at all three levels, because he speaks to them in a language they can understand.

In the end, he had done it all. There wasn’t anything in the Private Detective business he had not done. The Investigator was quietly famous, but not rich

The Cast

Jack MayBee, “The Investigator,” Jack is young, strong, and full of ideas. Jack had a life of diversity, living in the city until he was in his teens and on the farm until he became part of the State Police. Jack was always good at whatever he done, and if he didn’t like it, he went on to something he liked doing. 

Chuck, the Attorney, was an acquaintance when Jack was a State Police Detective. Chuck was Jacks first client; they were two of a kind in their thinking. Jack and Chuck helped each other build their list of clients for Criminal Defense.

Alex, the Chaser, Jack met Alex on his first case while working for an Attorney Office out of Chicago. Alex was a thinker, always looking for a way to make a fast buck, he had connections with Attorney’s in Chicago and a habit of getting involved in “Risky” ventures.

The CEO, of one of the Nation's largest cooperation’s, gets Jack involved in International cases, involving covert work, spies and greedy people. Jack became a confidant of the CEO, without trying, and didn’t know if he wanted to be placed in that position

Louise, Jacks Girl Friend, was a beautiful red head, when she walked she only moved from her hips down, a hostess at a notorious Night Club, “The Lake Club,” in Springfield, run by the Mob from Chicago. Louise moonlights as a porn model, a couple weeks a year. Jack himself a “risky” person enjoyed Louise’s company when he wasn’t working, but never thought it would go any further.

Joe, Jacks side kick, 6ft inch tall 300lbs, Joe works cases with Jack, does most of the driving and acts as a Body Guard. Jack would be Joe’s encourager to seek a profession as a security professional.

Dusty, Jacks Girl Friday, Jacks daughter, she worked for Jack at his Speed Shop and stayed with him when he sold it. She kept Jack up on what was happening in his world.

Jacks life, is centered on these few people, anyone else and it was all business. Jack was a Stock Car Racer of the past, enjoyed watching to-day’s races at local race tracks. His personal life consisted of nice clothes, eating at local diners, driving one of kind automobiles, and travel.

The Stories are based on case’s the writer had worked, the names, locations, and actual details have been changed. The basis of the case stories are from the writers files, about cases that were worked between 1974 and 2003.

The Scenes are constantly changing, from Cities like New York to Chicago, from the farm lands of Illinois to the Appalachians, and the Smoky Mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. The writer does his best to describe the setting as he recalled them at the time.

Jacks Tools of the Trade

As any other professional offering services, Jack needed the tools of his trade; Jack was a specialist in the surveillance field, almost every case taken involved surveillance of some kind.

One of his most important tools was automobiles.

At one time Jack had 22 cars, 3 trucks & Vans, 2 motorcycles and a boat in his surveillance fleet. Jack had a large storage garage and a local service station to maintain the fleet with two mechanics.

This is what made Jack good at what he did and what made The Investigator the best in his field. But, vehicles were not all the equipment Jack needed to do his job.

Jack became a professional Photographer, with the best camera and video equipment available, Jack was trained by the best electronics person in countermeasures against overhearing equipment to protect his clients and had the equipment to do the job.

Jacks clients included those in the Government, Police, other Private Detectives, and those in the Security field.

Jack had car phones & computers when there were few in the hands of private persons, with this entire he had three answering services for his clients.

How the first case began. We will start Jacks story with his first client contact, back in 1975, a Chicago Attorney, that wasn't an Attorney, his name was Fred Harvey.

As Jack stood in the warm sun in front of his Speed Shop, a black Lincoln that looked like it just rolled out of the showroom, pulled into the drive from Route 36. 

“Excuse me; would you know how I could find a guy named Jack, he is supposed to own this shop”, 

Jack answered, “You’re looking at him “

“I understand you were a State Police Detective, is that right? “ “Yes it is “replied Jack”

“Well, it looks like I came to the right place,” a small distinguished man that appeared to be in his late ‘60s stepped out of his Lincoln. He had a full head of long gray hair and was wearing a gray vested suit, with the corporate power look of a white shirt and red tie.

“My name is Freddie, I am a lawyer from Chicago, and my firm is representing some of the people in Decatur who were injured in the rail yard explosion a few days ago, are you familiar with the accident? 

Jack, looking Freddie over, replied, “Yea, I saw a lot of photos on television, last night. It looked like it was quite an explosion.

“Well “Freddie stated, “I am looking for someone in this area that has investigation experience to assist our firm in investigation of some of the injury claims “

Jack, looking puzzled, asked Freddie, “Don’t you have any Investigators in Chicago that would do this? 

Freddie replied “we do, but they are city people and just not familiar with the customs of the people in the down state area. “   “And what would you want me to do?” 

Freddie smiled, “I would like you to go over to Decatur with me and stay at the Holiday Inn for a few days, while I have people sign attorney contracts and you take their statements, later you would go out to photograph damages and injuries”

Jack thought for a moment and said, “I haven’t got anything special going right now, it would take $200 a day and you pay all expenses,” before Freddie could answer, “and you will have to guarantee me five days work and pay my fee in front.” Freddie’s eyes opened wide, “we don’t pay investigators that kind of money in Chicago. “  “Then what you need to do, is to use one of those Chicago investigators” replied Jack. 

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