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# 12 Police & Their Families

The writer is Charlie The Time Traveler, who has been many things in the past, but Now he is a Writer, writing about things of the Past and Now, Things Most People do not take time to think about, Now this story is about; one of those lives He had in the Past.

On a Sunday 7/8/18 I was watching a news program about two neighbors having a dispute about the others habits that was causing problems with what they believed was right and wrong.

The Police Office who answers a call knew one of the people involved and they felt the Officer should side with them because he knew them, that brought back thoughts of 50 years ago when I would be placed in that same position as this Police Officer.

Then on the Monday while sitting out at B Towne Coffee looking at the busy world go by a thought hit me about the police story I had seen on TV and I felt not many people would know the background about what they were seeing on TV, well that is what this story is about, policeman's lives and how they are different than most peoples “Normal” life's.

An Inside Story, about Police & Their Families

This writing is a part of a series of short stories written about Police and Investigations by a former Illinois State Trooper Charles Neuf #840.

The stories are about the Police Office and their families, yes families, most Officers have "Their families" and then they have two or three "Adopted families" connected directly with their "Other life" as "The Police Officer."

As a State Trooper I found I was a Police Officer 24 hours a day, with no days off. The questions that will be answered is the standard for police, Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This person you know as a Police Officer lives in a different world than most.

Sometimes I wonder was this person; Charlie the State Trooper, others knew and seen in church, at school events for the kids, coaching the little league team, teaching a Sunday school class, leading a youth group, was he real. So, this is what this story is about, The Police Officer at home with their family, Then what their job requires of them personally, the people they meet daily, the book of policies & procedures they must follow, and how they must juggle the many hats & faces they must wear in their police and real lives.

Let's take a day in the life of Charlie's past life as a State Trooper. The day or night begins at home most of the time when Charlie isn't a hundred or so miles away from home on a special assignment like riot duty, flood duty, or some other disaster that hits a local area somewhere in the State.

It doesn't make any difference where he is, the day starts the same. First you get yourself going then you check in with your family with five young people that are in you and your wife's care. There is always one of them that are having a problem in their life that needs to be solved "Now."

Naturally only "Dad" can solve it, Dad the family policeman must have an answer to what is happening in his family's life Now, it is important.

After your sibling's emergency then come real life needs of the family, the house, car, money, family obligations, ball- games, scout meetings, and other important events in your family's lives.

With that out of the way now you can get down to your "real" job, taking care of other people's problems that arise on your patrol. The Policeman has a second family, those he is given to help, protect, and care for in any emergency.

When Charlie first became a State Trooper when on patrol he was the lone provider of emergency services for the life's of those living in three rural communities covering an area of 50 X 50 miles square, that is over 2500 square miles of land mass, if only one rural family of 2 persons lived in each Square Mile that would be 5000 persons depending on help from one Police person.

Then there were those the Trooper would become acquainted with over a period of time such as rural business like little Cafes, Mom & Pop Stores, Farm implement dealers, Repair Shops, as well as local Professional Services, most of these business were run from their home locations and they would be asking for help to solve family problems, business problems, personal problems in evolving the many things that come up in their life's.

When the day's work was done 10 or 15 hours later, it would be time for the Trooper to take care of personal family problems, but it didn't stop there, people would phone you, come to your home, or stop you on the street with their needs, asking you to intervene or give advice.

But wait, the Policeman is not in his personal business, he works for someone who pays him for being who he is. So, what does that have to do with what is happening?

The Trooper must answer to someone higher who sets the rules on how all these things must be done, so now we have a third entity that enters the scene.

We have the Personal Family, the People in little communities Who Depend on You and the Higher Powers who check your performance in all areas.

If that isn't enough we have even talked about the life of the person who is the Police Officer, what happens to this once truck driver, farmer, construction worker who had a life before becoming a Police Officer?

There is a “You,” the manager of your life, who may or may not have a life of your own. Many are very happy with the life they have and then some are not and they live a life that does not involve any of the three most know the Policeman as.

They involve themselves in a World or a totally different “Dimension,” a fairyland they create as an escape from reality of what their busy world of being a Police Officer is. 

This escape maybe love of cars, racing, music, reading, study, a second job, hunting, fishing, or sports of some kind. 

Having been involved and various different positions inside the structure of the State Police I was able to have an insight into to the lives of many Policeman, City, County, State, Federal, and observe those other lives that many lead, including the one known only by me that I was living in, my escape world, a place of escape from the world of where I did not want to be after many years of living in those other Worlds involving, my family, my community family, and my Police family, each one a world of its own.

Little did I know this place of retreat from the world I had created would one day be a place I would seek as a refuge from the worlds I did not want to be in, but that is another story that will be told later?

So in my travelers of some sixty plus years of adult life I have been able to see what happens to the many policeman I had known who have lived the three or four different lives, most of their life, most had their own personal world they would escape to every chance they had, 

After becoming a Private Detective and looking into the lives of others as though I were their "Shadow" on a sunny day, I found most who have high stress professions have a very private world few know about to be able to continually go back and do the same thing day after day, year after year and manage the three are four "Families" they are involved in.

So let's think about it, do we really know who those people that are willing to die for you everyday they go to work are?

Ask yourself "Would I want a job like most Police Officers have and could I do it for 20 to 25 years?

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