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Writer of family stories of the past, the 1900's to 2000 , encouraging you to write your story

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The Main Street Writer can be seen sitting in from of B Towne Coffee on old Main Street in Bradenton Florida most Mon./Wed/Fri afternoons between 1 & #3 having a cup of coffee as he writes his stories about just about anything that begins as a Thought. 

If your in the area stop and have a cup of coffee and chat about Your story.

Charlie may have a copy of his weekly stories for you and would be glad to help you get started with that story that needs to be told.




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Who is The Main Street Writer?

Charlie as he is known by most is Charles E. Neuf from St. Louis, Missouri. He migrated to Florida a few years back and does not miss St. Louis cold weather and snow.

      Charlie is a Coffee Shop Guy and has spent much of his time over the last 70 years in a Coffee Shop or locate Cafe Writing Reports as an Investigator or State Trooper.

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Beginning in Feburary 2019 Charlie is hosting a meetup.

The Main Street Writer will be hosting a study group meetup on "Writing Your Story" on Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons from one to three, stop by and join in the discussion.

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If You are Interested a Free e-Book

The Writers Spotlight has lots of book and sometimes you have to search around for what you want.

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Charlie's Training Website

Charlie spent 40 years as a State Trooper and Private Detective which included being a Trainer of Police and Security personal. 

      Now The Investigator has a site to help other's get a start in Security and Private Investigation.

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The Time Traveler Club

This website is for those who want to know about life and living in peace and Harmony with the Laws of the Universe.

      Find out How You Can Create Your own World, where you can have fun and Love everything around you.

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The Investigator's Stories

The Writer began Wrioting books based onm Real Case Files of Investigations he had conducted as a Private Detective and covered three areas, 

Chuck The Attorney

The Chicago Connection

Charlie & Linda Private Detectives

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My Blog

About The Writer & Short Stories

About Charlie, The Main Street Writer

Charlie was once an Investigator, but now he is a short story writer, writing about the things he found out while Traveling through Time as a State Trooper, Detective, Body Guard, and Personal Confidant to the rich & Powerful.

The Writer on Main Street

Most of the 50 Books Published by Charlie were from ideas generated while Charlie was having A Cup of Coffee at the B Towne Coffee  Shop on Old Main St. in Bradenton Florida every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings.

Most Stories Posted are a 5-7 Minute Read

All Stories Posted are based on true happenings or information researched by  The Investigator, The Time Traveler, or The Main Street Writer, depending on which Hat Charlie is wearing when he was writing the story.

Weekly Stories Posted

These Stories had  their beginning while having a cup of Coffee at B Towne Coffee on Old Main St. in Bradenton Florida.

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